Peters Elementary, Tulsa Union Schools

Peters Elementary is going green!

Peters Elementary named an Oklahoma Green School

Peters earns their Oklahoma Green Schools Flag (5/24/2013)



Peters Goes “Green” Video

BA Celebrates Arbor Day
Broken Arrow Ledger
March 27, 2013
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The city of Broken Arrow held an Arbor Day celebration March 27, in collaboration with the Broken Arrow Parks and Recreation Department and Peters Elementary School. 

Peters Elementary fourth graders work hard and have a blast planting trees for Arbor Day.

Arbor Day celebration Arbor Day celebration

Energy investigation and projects

The Cast

Fifth grade students investigated energy use in the school. They learned that they were wasting a lot of energy, and designed a project to attempt to reduce their energy usage. Students wrote and performed a play in front of the whole school to encourage good energy practices at home and at school. Students designed door hangers to remind teachers and students to turn off their lights, smart boards and televisions. After making energy use changes, the school saw a savings of $1,400.00 compared to the same period last year!

Watch the student written and performed play on YouTube!

Click here to read letters from the students about their experience with the Oklahoma Green Schools program.